We have collected under these spectacles the options that offer excellent recreation opportunities for the guests coming to Hegykő

Most of the people come to Hegykő because of the thermal bath, which is open throughout the year. Its excellent quality thermal water is a spa. It is suitable for curing a number of diseases. Due to this reason the therapeutic treatments that are offered at the thermal bath are used by several thousand people each year – even on social security insurance basis. Naturally the thermal bath – with its open and covered pools – is an excellent place not only for people wishing to recuperate, but for those people as well, who wish to participate in sport activities, or who just want to enjoy the bath.

The Saint Michael church of hegykő was built on the basis of the plans of János Schiller in 1904 in Romanesque Revival Style. Its frescoes were made in 1956 by Pries Peter Prokop, Painter Arties, who later on worked in Rome, and its glass windows were made in 1957 by Mrs. Lili Sztéhló Árkayné.

Stepping out from the church opposite one faces the Saint Michael sculpture that was made in 1742, towards the lefte there is the Plague Column that was erected in 1711 with Madonna, Saint Rosalie, Saint Sebastian and Saint Roch.

The newest spectacle of Hegykő – located in the North direction from the church – is the bird viewing recreation park, where there are actually things to be seen: there is a lookout above the reed lands at the restored duck-pond, where one may get acquainted with the bird life of Fertő. While the adults admire circling the big egret, the children may climb in the play-ground jungle jims, they may use the chutes. In the winter time, when the shallow lake freezes it is an excellent place for skating.

Following the path, after leaving the bird lookout, one gets to the restored iron curtain memorial place in the border lands, which authentically introduces the structure of the mechanical border lock that was applied by the communist era.

There is an angler’s lake at the Eastern border of Hegykő, which offers recreation for the fans of angling with its six hectare water surface, e.g. in the possession of a daily ticket.

The modern physical exercise hall may be rented by anybody outside teaching hours for the purpose of indoor sports. The play-ground located in front of the physical exercise hall awaits the children of different ages with safe play-ground gadgets. Those who are thirsty may refresh themselves from the potable water well standing on the square.

Those, who arrive with bicycles may rest not only under the cool trees of the play-ground, but they may also rest on the unique benches that had been made especially for them, in the bicyclist park that is located along the bicycle road.

Those, who are brave enough may go horse riding on the sandy track of Patak Street or they may go cross country horse riding. One may go joy-riding on a drag carriage, and bigger groups may even rent a covered drag.

The following annually regularly organised tourist programs deserve to be highlighted from among the spectacles of Hegykő: the New Year concert, Maypole erection, the Gastronomy and Wine Days, the Tízforrás Festival, the Hegykő Jubilees, the Farewell of Saint Michael Day, the National Folk Fair, and the Christmas Concert.

Visitors may explore the spectacles of Hegykő and its neighbourhood with the city sightseeing tourist train, as well in the framework of a Hegykő excursion, under the guidance of a tourist guide.


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