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2016. Jul. 8.Hegykő

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Festival of the Ten Springs – music, fables, movies, fine arts
Hegykő, July 13-22, 07, 2012

The most important event series of the annual event calendar of the Neusiedl landscape is the Festival of the Ten Springs, which will be organised this year already on the tenth occasion. The imaginary curtain of the open air stage will rise on July 13, 2012, in order to open the space in front of excellent programs to entertain several thousand spectators during the ten days of the festival at a number of venues in the following five settlements of the banks of Lake Neusiedl: Hegykő, Fertőhomok, Hidegség, Fertőszéplak and Sarród.

The open air festival always has a special appeal. People do not have to restrain their imagination within the stone walls of theatres during these ten days, only the sky is the limit. It is not exaggeration to say that the Festival of the Ten Springs earned a national fame during the past years. Many people schedule their holidays to the time and the events of the festival. All kinds of music, including classical and light music, jazz and underground music, world music and folk music are presented on the stages. The audience may meet such well known performers in the sheds of the Neusiedl landscape, under the trees of the castle garden, in the Fenc house, and under the light of the stars, in homely surroundings, whom otherwise they could see and hear only at monster concerts, in huge stadiums. At the same time there are also several selective concerts, exhibitions, in certain cases organised only for a smaller target audience. In addition to all the above at sunrise the guests interested may participate in bird watching, during the daytime they may join exciting canoe tours or handicraft workshops reviving folk craftsmanship of the past. In the wide range of events people of all ages may find the programmes of their interest.

And whenever the festival is at rest, Hegykő and the landscape of Neusiedl await their visitors with numerous spectacles on each day of the year.

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