Sá-Ra TERMÁL Panzió

Hegykő, Fürdő utca 5.
Sá-Ra TERMÁL Panzió - Hegykő
  • +36-99/540-220, +36-99/540-221
  • info@saratermal.hu
  • http://www.saratermal.hu
  • 47.619855860862, 16.784829059058

We have alltogether 5 apartments and 5 double rooms in the place of the thermal pools.

Double rooms: a bedroom with bathroom. (We have only one room for 4 person. In the bigger room there are 3 beds, and in the small room only one bed)

Apartments: bedroom, bathroom, balkony, kitchen. All of the big apartment have a living room too. (Only the big apartment is good for 4 person, two of them can sleep in the bedroom, and two person in the livingroom.)

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