Thermal bath

The thermal bath of Hegykő awaits its guests – wishing to recuperate, to participate in sport activities or just wishing to rest, recreate – in the protected natural environment of the Fertő landscape, with covered and open pools, with its excellent quality spa throughout the year.

Hegykő Thermal bath

General information

Contact data of the thermal bath:

Sá-Ra Termál Kft.
9437 Hegykő, Fürdő u. 5.
Phone: +36-99/540-220
Fax: +36-99/540-229

Ticket prices:

Adult daily ticket: 2.000 HUF
Pensioner daily ticket: 1.800 HUF
Child daily ticket (6-14 years): 1.200 HUF
Student daily ticket (over 14 years): 1.600 HUF
Three hours ticket before closing (adult, pensioner): 1.250 HUF
Three hours ticket before closing (child, student): 900 HUF
Adult pass (7 occasions): 12.000 HUF
Pensioner pass (7 occasions): 10.800 HUF
Child and student pass (7 occasions): 9.600 HUF
Cabin: 500 HUF
Deck chair: 400 HUF
Sauna: 800 HUF

Open hours:

January 1: 10:00-18:00
January 2 – April 30: 9:00-18:00
May 1 – September 16: 9:00-19:00
September 17 – December 23..: 9:00-18:00
December 24 – December 25: closed
December 26 – December 30: 9:00-18:00
December 31: 9:00-13:00

In the summer time cool, wave-free pools filled with mineral water await the guests, while in the winter time a covered wellness pool and a hot open air thermal pool offer a special adventure, especially at snow time. At the thermal bath there is a play-ground, and there are deck chairs, saunas, and different catering shops available to the visitors.

The spa of Hegykő brought up from the depth of 1434 meters of a temperature of 55°C is a slightly hard, fluoridated, sulphuric, sodium-chloride alkali hydrogen carbonate type of thermal water. Thanks to its outstandingly high mineral content and medically proven therapeutic effect it is an acknowledged spa since 2004.

Therapeutic effect of the spa of Hegykő

The spa of Hegykő is suitable for curing chronic locomotive diseases, based on the recommendation of specialist doctors. It may be applied with good result as a rehabilitation cure for the treatment of the following cases

  • healed bone fractures,
  • sprains,
  • joint strains,
  • muscle kinks.

Using the thermal bath regularly mitigates the strains caused by sport activities and by intensive muscle work. The water vapours ascending from surface water and breathed in have a beneficial impact as regards respiratory passage complaints.

Therapeutic treatments in the thermal bath

The therapeutic treatments of the thermal bath of Hegykő have significant traditions. The offer includes the following treatments. These treatments may be used either through subsidies or direct payment:

  • spa pool bath,
  • medical therapeutic massage,
  • underwater water jet massage,
  • mud packing,
  • group aqua fitness,
  • back, leg and full body massage,
  • sole reflex massage,
  • lymphatic drainage,
  • bioptron light therapy,
  • jadeite massage bed,
  • individual therapeutic physical exercise.

More information on therapeutic treatments and prices may be read here»

Open hours of the thermal bath

Out of the 7 pools of the thermal bath 3 operates throughout the year, and the other 4 are operated seasonally.

Pools Temperature Depth Type Period of operation
Thermal I. 36-38 °C 0,9 m open air throughout the year
Thermal II. 26-28 °C 1,0 m open air April 1 – October 31
Covered thermal 35-37 °C 0,9 m indoors throughout the year
Wellness 30-32 °C 1,0-1,2 m indoors throughout the year
Baby pool 26-28 °C 0,4 m open air June 1 – August 31
Training pool 24-26 °C 0,9-1,2 m open air Junes 1 – September 15
Swimming pool 24-26 °C 1,15-1,7 m open air June 1 – September 15

Photos of the thermal bath of Hegykő

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